Any ideas on how to get around me stripping the threads on the banjo bolt on top the HP pump

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Hi All first post here!
I bought a pinin with a running problem (wouldn’t hardly tick over and would cut out and die with slightest rev so I investigated everything
And turns out to be the micro filters well over due a change, after bolting the HP pump back up I done up the banjo with the fuel line on and all the sudden
It got easier and yep you guessed it the threads inside the pump and not the banjo bolt have stripped off! Just wanted some advice really as I don’t know the thread size or have the tools to measure the size so I can try and see about a helicoil, I have tried PTFE and also thread seal etc, although now it revs just nice and seems to run and sound better it sprays fuel out round the banjo so I was wondering if any of you guys have the thread size for the banjo bolt so I can get a helicoil or if anyone knows a way of me getting round it!
Any advice would be great!


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